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Spring cleaning...

A recent clean-up of my computer prompted the realisation that I have a LOT of unfinished, partly finished, finished-but-un-played, and played-but-unpublished music. This, plus some recent conversations with friends and colleagues, has led to a bit of a kick up the proverbial, and I have decided to be a little more proactive about all things composing.

I am one of those musicians who likes to be involved in absolutely everything and have found myself trying to do far too much at once; conducting, adjudicating, performing, and composing, all whilst doing my full time day job.

I am well aware that the brass band movement is always in need of new repertoire, particularly new original music, particularly new original music accessible to bands of all abilities, and particularly new original accessible music written by female composers. So it is about time I got some more music out there.

I've taken a break from conducting, and plan to spend the next 12-24 months working on my composition catalogue. I'm already fairly jam packed with commissions which is wonderful, and have a few of my own labours of love to complete and release into the wild.

Watch this space!

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