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Bluebell Bossa

Trombone Feature with Brass Band

(3 percussion, no timpani)

Duration c. 3.30


This Latin-infused trombone feature pays homage to one of the repertoire’s most iconic, and most virtuosic trombone solos, Arthur Pryor’s Bluebells of Scotland. With plenty to do for all three trombonists, this is a real showcase for the section. There are plenty of opportunities to look out for the famous ‘Bluebells’ motif hidden (and not so hidden) within the music, and the piece’s infectious rhythmic grooves can’t help but make you smile.


This trombone feature works brilliantly either as a standalone item or as an encore to its namesake.

Bluebell Bossa

    • Front cover and programme notes
    • Full score
    • Band parts including duplicates
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