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"From a Kingdom of Clouds" begins with a slow, enchanting trombone melody over a flowing marimba accompaniment, that evokes the sensation of soaring through the air.

As the piece progresses, a solemn interlude emerges, introducing a deeper contemplative mood.

But, just as swiftly as a bird changes direction mid-flight, the music transitions into a spirited finale. The tempo quickens, and the melody becomes more playful, capturing the joy and exhilaration of flight.

There is a sense of freedom and adventure about the piece, as if the music itself is taking you on a journey through the boundless skies. It's a piece that invites you to spread your wings and embrace the beauty of flight.

Difficulty: Advanced (Marimba Intermediate / Advanced)

Duration: c. 5.30

From a Kingdom of Clouds

    • Front cover and programme notes
    • Score (marimba and trombone)
    • Trombone part (Treble Clef Bb)
    • Trombone part (Bass / Tenor Clef Concert pitch)
    • Marimba part
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